Preventing dental problems before they start is the best way to provide a lifetime of dental health. From nutritional counseling and fluoride treatments to instruction on brushing and flossing, Kaufman Dentistry pushes early care and prevention with our patients.

When there is a small cavity or chip on a tooth, a resin filling may be the restoration that is needed. The tooth is cleaned out and the filling material is placed right away and hardened. You will be able to eat as soon as the anesthetic wears off. For a look at how a […]

When the tooth is damaged more than can be fixed with a tooth colored fillings, we utilize the strength and beauty of crystallized ceramics. Ceramics include inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers. Once the tooth is cleaned out and prepared, a digital 3d model of your tooth is captured using CEREC technology and a ceramic restoration […]

When a tooth gets so broken down that the nerve of the tooth is affected, endodontic treatment might be necessary. Drs Matt and Warren take pride in their treatment of the canals, using the newest rotary instrumentation and vertical fill techniques.

When our teeth are erupting into the mouth, grinding our teeth together can be a normal part of development. The problem arises when the grinding continues into adulthood and causes accelerated wear of healthy teeth. Occlusal guards, or night guards, may be a solution to protect our teeth during the night. To learn about night […]

Orthodontics is very different than they used to be. Now with the help of digital technology and clear aligners, we are able to move teeth into the correct position with no one being the wiser.  Although a pretty smile is the result, we primarily focus on making sure teeth come together in harmony, preventing accelerated […]

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