We’ve Gone Green!

Dr. Matt’s undergraduate education in environmental science has inspired the Kaufman Dentistry team to do their best at reducing the use of natural resources as well as decreasing pollutants into the environment. Heres what we’ve done so far:

CEREC Technology: Not only does this technology allow us to provide one day dentistry, but it is also a benefit to the environment. One visit means less disposables per patient, no impression or temporary material, and less gasoline used as patients only need to come one time.

Mercury Separator: Kaufman Dentistry has recently installed the newest and best mercury scavenger. When removing amalgam (silver fillings) mercury is collected in the suction unit. By using a Mercury Seperator, this mercury does not end up in the water supply, and it can be disposed of properly.

Water Free Vacuum: The vast majority of dental offices use a “wet-ring” vacuum to provide their suction. These vacuums can use over 10,000 gallons of water a day for cooling and lubrication. We have recently invested in a state of the art dry vacuum which not only uses zero water, but also uses less electricity. Read more about the Midmark Dry Vacuum.

Digital Radiography: With the use of this technology, we are able to use less radiation exposure on our patients while getting more accurate images. No film means less harsh chemicals that need to be disposed of, less trash in our landfills, and easier electronic transfer of diagnostic information.